The York Waits Fortune My Foe

(Beautiful Jo Records BEJOCD-48)

This is an excellent collection of period dances and tunes. The Waits use a wide variety of instruments all very skilfully played which makes for interesting listening on every track. Each piece is carefully arranged and always well suited to the combination of instruments playing it. The Waits capture a very authentic sound. The ensemble produce a very controlled, balanced sound which adds to the pleasure of listening. This is especially noticeable in 'Go From My Window' (Valentine Hausman 1565 - 1614) with the use of recorders and with sackbuts in 'All in a Garden Green'. Although all the tunes date from around the Gunpowder Plot most musicians will recognise 'The Hunt is Up', 'Packington's Pound' and 'Kemps Jig'. Altogether a most enjoyable CD.

Jane Griffin Shire Folk Magazine

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